a video from home

I know i said i had a vlog coming out.. but i’m going to have to film it over again i think even though it looked really good, i think the wind interference is really annoying! It really bums me out but it happens, i haven’t actually vlogged with my new little camera so i guess this was the learning curve. In the mean time  i finished putting this video together with clips from when i was in Denmark. This is the magic of home coming and shows how Denmark makes me feel like i can do anything.

find yourself amongst the stones

The snow falls for many months in the winter here, heavier than it would in Denmark and its one of the few things about New England i actually love. Leaving the heavy bustle of apartment living and cities to go through the woods in the snow, is a welcome retreat for me.
Feeling the great spirit of everything around me. The rustling in the woods of the deer, Thor brewing another storm and just being able to truly breathe.
I don’t have my little plot of land with yet, so wilderness is my freedom till that day comes.
As many of you know, you grow older and the hardships start to pile and bring you down to earth where the worms live. The ground is tough in every land and you have to work to make those flowers grow. They may not grow in Texas the way they do in Denmark, but no matter how hard and covered in ice the ground becomes — when the seasons bloom as do the flowers.

the pirate and the desert

I grew up by the sea. When i was young i would sit by the shore and watch the sun dip when the eve began to peak. I’d always wanted to be a sailor, ok ok — a pirate. I wanted to be a pirate (and i am – land or sea a pirate is me!) What a wonderful way to live. On the ocean in a boat, with the sails full making you feel like you’re flying and dreaming at the same time. When i left college i found my life long best friend — who taught me to sail. I wont pussy foot and pretend i was great. I wasn’t i made mistakes, i’ve had boating jobs where there was one or two bad-eggs giving me jib for being slow or having to stop an think for a second — all i was doing was trying to learn. I kept at it. Because i wanted it so badly. I spent hours and hours hunched over charts, tearing my hair out but in the end i got my certificate because my friend was so patient with me. I think i spent 6 months just working on charts. Even to this day i practice my knots, i read and read and read, i write or research — i do what i can to keep the seafaring life a part of me.

When i moved to Texas my heart ached for my little piece of hidden beach in the sky far away in England some place. Thats the trouble with drifting. You find yourself leaving pieces of yourself behind. My sailing life was in England, but my wandering adventurers soul loved Texas, and still does.  When i was a little boy i wanted to be an American Indian riding out on the panhandle and watching the sunsets. I drift from dream to dream as i drift from country to country, or state to state.
Now that i’m temporarily in New England I sail as much as i can (surprisingly its not all that much because i live in the one place in New England that doesn’t have my kind of boating atmosphere). I’ve had a lot of boating jobs, but nothing lasts forever. You can’t really progress or live off a summer job. But i’ve tried it. Its hard not to be able to do everything you love everyday. So when those tough days come and i dream of the wind in my hair, the creaking planks and taught rope snaring… i look at my life and think about to all those places i’ve sailed to, all those drunken nights in random ports somewhere or i flick through my travel pictures to remember what i achieved ( or i dive into a good nautical book).

the pirate and the desert

I’m grateful for my teacher and even more so that he is my best friend even now. I’m thankful, whilst i may not be pursing the dream right now, that i had the chance to learn what i did, when i could and in a time when i needed it.
I’ve been lucky.