grass moon

Spring is almost here and i am so excited for warmer suns, greener forests and new bird songs.
Annnnd I think i need to face the fact that i’m a night owl and just prefer to post and work at night, i’m so productive during the evenings — even after a whole day at work. I’ve tried to post during the days but theres no point changing the way my body works.
But what are you most excited about for spring? And where are you in the world?
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4 thoughts on “grass moon

  1. I love when budburst and leaf out happens. I just wrote about that yesterday on my blog, how different it is in different parts of the US. We walked through Central Park this past weekend and pretty flowers like snowdrops and daffodils are out, and of course buds are forming across the park. In Alaska snowmelt was a big sign of spring, and once budburst happened summer could be expected within a few days! Nature is so incredible in that way.

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