a penny for your thoughts #1

We all know how hard it can be in a world where everything seems to be a competition.
Who has the best this, who does that better or who is the funniest.
Allow me to blow your mind here — it doesn’t matter, though i am one of the funniest.
Let’s just have that settled.

Recently i’ve received a lot of messages telling me how brave i was to move, ” i could never do that.” False.
You could, but you probably don’t want to. Thats probably all it is. And thats ok.
It may sound melodramatic, but no place has ever been truly home to me. So i’ve always found it easy to move because i’ve moved to new countries all my life. I spent almost every day of my life wishing i was everywhere but where i was. And that is a huge fault because it means i forget to live in the now. Every one has a different path. Looking back for the last two years its hit me hard how many times i should have been happy with what i had now that i don’t have it anymore. Cliché. No. It’s the honest and harsh reality of living. It’s not an epic adventure filled with childhood dreams and giggles. It’s fucking hard. And devastating. I find myself looking at others and just wishing i could be half as positive — but realistically i know they aren’t necessarily that happy behind the scenes. So let me tell you, and i’m telling myself this too — stop dreaming you were as pretty as her, she ain’t all that. Stop wishing he’d notice you — because if he hasn’t now he obviously doesn’t see the greatness that is YOU.  Just as you are. Stop wishing you were a million miles away because someone else makes a different place looks like a dream. Don’t allow social media to make you think you need to change.
And to myself, most absolutely, stop dreaming that anywhere but here is where living starts.
Sweet girl, it started 26 years ago and it’s about time you figured it out.

2 thoughts on “a penny for your thoughts #1

  1. “Recently i’ve received a lot of messages telling me how brave i was to move, ” i could never do that.” False.
    You could, but you probably don’t want to. Thats probably all it is. And thats ok.”
    On point!
    Moving to Sweden soon I hear and think the same things! I never feel brave… I feel stressed, busy, overwhelmed and so so so so excited, but never ever did I think about feeling brave…

    And regarding the rest: Take your time and you will get to it… There will be a point in your life that you will learn to cherish the things you have right now, for me ironically that is now, now at a time when everything is about to change 180° (and don’t think I’m so foolish as to believe it is nothing but a coincidence). But lately I have felt grateful for so many things… Growing up with so much priviledge, getting the education that I got and of course now getting the opportunity to chase my dreams! You will reach that point too someday, maybe or most likely when you least expect it 🙂 and if you ever want someone to talk to or someone who just listens, please let me know <3

  2. Its so true Belle, people often ask me how I can be so comfortable and calm wherever I am. My only answer is that wherever I am, that’s where I so why should I be unhappy about when all I have to do is look around and see the beauty of it. Everything we see has beauty, everything is interesting if we look at it with inquisitive eyes and the next person you meet might be the most important person you will ever have the privilege to be with, so pay attention to them, give them your time and take something away from the meeting that will make your life or someone else’s life a little better.

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