a sunday drive

I’m still alive — i’m trying to start living on my blog. I’ve noticed how much i enjoy it more and more because it pulls me away from the other social medias that force you into being a certain way. I’ve never been good at keeping diaries, after the first two passages i pretty much give up the ghost and stop. But blogging — i’m really starting to find it quite therapeutic and good for my soul. Also, i think it’ll be wonderful too look back on my adventures one day after i’ve stopped travelling around.
Yesterday we took a drive through the Kancamagus highway and over to Indian head Mountain, which i think is probably my favourite place in New Hampshire honestly. Sadly all the small paths and side roads were completely blocked off due to packed snow, so i didn’t get near as many pictures as i’d hoped. However we did get to have a beautiful snowy drive through the white mountains and i came home with an American Indian made pipe. I don’t have any pictures of it right now, but i will post some as soon as i get some! Here are a few of the pictures i did get. Happy Monday!

The Mountain range begins.
A blur of sunbathing moo-cows that i wanted to take home with me. Such a beautiful day.
In the heart of the Kancamagus Highway.
A Texas boy in the snow.
Indian Head Mountain, my favourite place in the north, when the sun kisses it and night rolls in. Its such a magical place but its a huge shame its surrounding by resorts and so many people. I always try to take pictures without the surrounded cars, houses and apartment buildings. So i can see the world how it should have been. All nature and spirit without the bullshit pollution.

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