goodnight laramie

Jack and i took our first trip out to the plains at night so i could really get a chance to play around with astrophotography.
It did not disappoint. Wyoming has the clearest sky i’ve seen in my entire life — especially at night. You could almost pick the stars like apples from a tree.  They bred like rabbits up,  skated along the milkyway and dotted.every blank space for millions of years.

It was so breath taking.

And now to bed.

2 thoughts on “goodnight laramie

  1. Oh i LOVE astrophotography, I remember I cried on my first night out trying to capture the night sky after we moved down to Stockholm. It totally broke my heart to just have so much light pollution e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. BUT; soon that will change! Since we’re moving back north 😀 (but ssh, don’t tell anyone, it’s kind of a secret yet hahaha!)

    1. Yeah we’ve moved to a place where there is next to no light pollution at all. I’ve only ever seen skies like these when i’ve been out at sea. So beautiful. Wow!! That sounds great and so exciting. I’ll keep it a secret. I hope the move goes great!!! 🙂

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