early morning

I woke up to this beautiful pink haze sun up outside my window. My heart just melted and i immediately woke poor Jack up with my rattling around with cameras and equipment. I hope my timelapse works out because i’ll be sorry if i missed it!

God morgen.

Sun up through window

One thought on “early morning

  1. God morgen 🙂,

    I hope Jack had a morning as beautiful as I have it right now. I am very sure that he had it yesterday and will have it today. Not only because of the beautiful floor, on which someone can walk like on the clouds of the gracious danish sky. Did you know that my grandfather was a tiler? Sometimes I wish I could make joy as “palpable” as my grandfather could do it.

    Be careful and watch the fire 😉.

    I´m going to do breakfast right now.

    Jag önskar dig en trevlig dag.

    KRAM! ❤,

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