about bella

Hej du. I’m Bella, and i’m a drifter. My life takes me all over the world and i try to live out every childhood dream i’ve ever had. I’ve ridden with cowboys, sailed with pirates, climbed mountains, spent my life as a slapstick comedian, lived with scorpions and written horror stories by candle light. Most people have a dream — some unreachable goal they spend their lives striving for or a place they want to live till they die, i don’t (or if i do it hasn’t come to me yet). Whenever i think of settling my brain is already a thousand miles from where i thought i’d stay. All i know is that i’m a country girl. I belong to the desert, to the dark forests, to the sea, to the mountain, to the stage, and i belong to me. This is where i share my adventures, my ideas and ramblings — sometimes happy, probably funny but there will be complaining too, because i do that well. If you want to get a glimpse inside the life of a modern day drifter — then you’ve found me.

an actress. a writer. a photographer. a drifter. a sailor.
a bibliophile. a navigator. a comedian. a scandinavian.
an artist. a history buff. a knitter. an explorer.
a pirate. a southern belle. a viking.



And i’m really bad at instagram. Like seriously. I don’t understand it.