a bucketlist 

get a new camera
work with  vintage cameras
become fluent in norwegian,swedish & icelandic

move out west/south-west usa
move to scandinavia 
go to the faroe islands
customise/refurbish my old saddle
go to iceland
go to deadwood
go to tombstone
travel home to DK with my guy
sell a piece of artwork

go to chicken, alaska
start writing a novel

go to sweden
go to canada

go to iceland again
go to greenland
travel more
have my own photography exhibition
read all the books i own
learn how to make beef jerky
write more
learn nålbinding 
learn to crochet
drive the Kangamangus highway
get to the top of a mountain

go to the desert and see some big-ass cacti
go to salem, mass for halloween
buy a drone
get into the habit of blogging
adopt a miskat
learn to speak greenlandic
knit a sweater — successfully
to collaborate with bucees
learn to cable