a valentines diner

Well, the special day of cheap chocolates, paper flowers and uncomfortably staged romantic meals is over. I don’t really believe in valentines day personally. It’s all about money and women getting bent out of shape over the guy not doing something insanely imaginative, proposing or they’re just sour over being single.
So, instead of buying into that bullhickey  Jack and i just enjoyed each others company in a vintage diner over bacon and eggs, then lived in the now and did whatever the hell we wanted. Just spending time with him is all i need. What a gift it is to be on the outside of society.
Happy Regular Friday.

Coffee + Juice.
The finest coffee beans.
A mountain of pancakes.
My dream Valentine.
Bacon is good for the soul.


I’m working from home today, and its so nice to take a break and just sit on my balcony. I feel like a duck shaking water off my back when i get a breath of fresh air. The view isn’t great, but its interesting to watch everyone rushing around to meet deadlines and make appointments — while i’m just wrapped up in my saddle blanket watching the snow melt, trying to catch the first bird call of the season. I wonder which birds will come back from the south first and what they’ve been doing all these cold months. My life has always seemed to be slow burning, when i was younger i was terribly impatient to get “started” … however as i get older i realise that slow burning is not a bad thing. Its a gift i didn’t realise i had.
But’cha live n’ learn.