expat blogger of the month

Hello lovely readers !
Let me catch you up a little on whats going on.
A few days ago i received an email asking if i was interested in contributing to an online expat magazine on expat.com.
I was so surprised and super excited, so of course i said yes. What an interesting opportunity.
I only recently happened across this website for expats a week or two ago from happening to glance at a few other expat blogs, so this all happened really quickly. Hence my surprise. Its a really great platform for people to learn about moving abroad and getting information from real people who have experienced that kind of life. So its genuine advice, thoughts and discussions. So if theres anyone out there reading this that wants to move abroad and wants a little help, this might be a nice place for you. (This is not an advert by the by — this is just my own opinion and i’m not paid to have said opinion). 
Anyway, they sent me a list of questions to answer about my blog and my general expat experiences. I know i don’t write like other people so i was a little unsure that my writing was right for something like this as its very “novel-esque,” but thats just the ever present self doubt we all suffer from once in a while making an appearance.

Tomorrow this little extract on me goes live on the online magazine, and i didn’t realise it that it means i am “the blogger of the month” August 2018 ! How exciting is that after only having been a member for a very short time?

Thats my little bit of news for this gloomy Monday night.
I hope you all have a lovely on going week, and that its not as humid where you are as it is here.
You can read the “interview” here!

Its never too early in the year for long johns. Ever.



bury my heart between these pages and never let me go

I finally finished Bury My heart at Wounded Knee with my trusty companion by my side, and oh my heart. My poor heart.
Its been on my list for years so i’m happy i got around to reading it, but my goodness the cruelty is insane. Its incredibly well written but its a very hard book for the soul to bare, but all the more reason to give it a go. Sometimes, though life challenges us everyday and we don’t feel that the sun will come out, we must go forward. Ever forward.
Just as we must remember those terrible horrible truths and histories committed, so we do not repeat them. Im grateful for the sanctuary that is found amongst my books, for between those pages i can breathe and hide safely.

hyggjaa hytten

I wanted to write something, but i don’t know what. Right now i feel like theres constantly so much happening but everything is standing still at the same time, and i can’t get my thoughts aligned long enough to string together a sentence worth reading. Part of me wishes we were all in Denmark right now so i could take a walk in the dark woods under the moonlight, but thats so very far away.
Its a quiet evening here in hyggjaa hytten, Im just sitting at the kitchen table and writing the weeks shopping list on my phone while the others are watching an old Sherlock Holmes series. Not so long from now i’ll probably go to bed and read some more about “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee,” before i fall asleep.

ships in my tea cup

Its been a long yet productive weekend. Tomorrow is my last work day before i have some time off, and i can’t wait to sleep later than 6.30am. I’ve been dreaming about all the things i want to do and all the places i want to be, but unfortunately i can only be in one place at a time — and where i am right now isn’t on my list of places. I’m grateful for the experience i’ve gained here but sometimes i feel like a caged bird that gets fed old crackers to pipe back a name or flip on my perch.
I want to be out there somewhere getting lost and getting dirt under my finger nails. Somewhere that’ll be truly home. Once i’ve finished getting some farrier experience under my belt i think i’ll be more than ready to get on the road and try to find where my forever will be.
So for now i’ll dream into my tea cup and try to survive the ghastly humidity that we’re having up here in the North East.
Have a lovely on-coming week!