the monster in the dark

Its been a busy week — and next week will be even busier.
I got a new job, which will help fund living and travelling back/forth to Denmark.
So its an exciting opportunity.
Though it may not be what i want to be doing, it’ll line my pockets while i try to get to where i’m going.
What a dragging summer its been though. Do you feel the same?
Its been productive and busy, but we’ve done almost nothing but work! Thats so sad. I remember when summers were for climbing trees, visiting family, performing in plays and eating lots of sweets.
Now its about making ends meet and getting the work done so you can eat.
Ultimately It feels as if summer has gone on for too long this year.
Finally the evenings are getting darker faster and there’s the old Autumn chill in the air. I miss wearing sweaters, knitted socks and long johns. Whilst the snow is an inconvenience — i miss that too. Its amazing to write while the snow is falling outside.
And i’m definitely dreaming of Autumn and Winter.
I’m also dreaming of Christmas in Denmark this year, but only time will tell.
Happy Sunday and have a great week next week everyone! 🙂

my new camera

Its an exciting day today.
My new camera will be arriving soon — i’ve been waiting for it all day.
I’m so ridiculously excited.
I recently wrote about my current camera being close to dying, you can read my blog post here.

It feels like a new start, something i’m never adverse to. I’ve felt very “held back” by my old camera because it just couldn’t do what i wanted it to do anymore and i’ve grown away from it — but it truly has served me well over the last 6 to 7 years.
I will still use it but new camera will be the go – to.

I decided to become a Nikon user. That doesn’t mean i don’t love my canon camera — because i most definitely love working with canon, however, after all these years i wanted to get my hands on a decent Nikon. I’d used my Farfar’s camera on my last trip to Denmark and i fell in love. I can’t entirely describe it. I remember i’d discussed cameras with him and he was insistent that Nikon was the way forward due to the sharpness and detail whereas i was insistent that canon was just as good. Sometimes i like to argue even though i actually don’t entirely know what i’m talking about — it doesn’t help that Farfar and i are both stubborn as well-fed mules.
Now a few years on from said conversation i’m officially ready to admit that he was probably hitting the nail right on the head. So i bought a Nikon.

It took me a while to decide which Nikon i was going to buy. I originally wanted to get the D750 because it was cheaper than the D810 and could do most of what i wanted, but then again i also wanted the D500 because of its filming capacity (look it up — its astounding quality!) However, as i’m by no means an expert with filming or a sports photographer — i decided to get a full frame camera instead with a sugar-tonne of megapixels, and all the other hundreds of advantages that this camera has.
And i regret nothing.
I know i went all out, but i’m not the type of person who wants to upgrade every other year. If i buy something i want to live with it till it croaks. Like my Canon.
Stay tuned for a water fall of pictures as i get to know the controls and settings.

Allow me to introduce to you Beast. Aka – Monster.

rest in pieces and run me poor

Recently i’ve been incredibly frustrated. My camera is ready to kick the bucket, to be no more — to be deceased. At this point its like flogging a dead horse whenever i use it. I can’t believe its doing this to me after everything we’ve been through, and currently with all my travel plans right around the corner i definitely don’t have the funds for a replacement. Mind you, i’ve been trudging through life with the camera for so many years now. From sailing and working on a tall ship in merry old England; driving through oil country in Texas and chasing dreams in the Scandinavian forests i knew our time one day would come, but i thought i’d be prepared.
We’ve been through everything. I remember i spent an entire months wages to buy this camera. Not thinking about whether i could afford food, toilet paper or bus fare. Toilet paper be damned. I’ll wipe my ass on the grass if it comes down to it but i’ll have that camera if it runs me poor!

It ran me poor but i never looked back. My camera and i have had a love hate relationship for years. I could buy another lens — sure i could, but it wouldn’t be enough. Its almost done. I’ve never been entirely tech-savy due to my infernal laziness when it comes to reading any kind of manual and/or instructions. Yes. I am one of those fantastically dim-whitted people who stubbornly struggle through assembling things only to swear like a holy terror because i can’t make it do what i want — when i have perfectly good instructions to make my life easier.

However, here’s to the camera that has followed me from place to place for years and years.
May we enjoy our last few adventures together.

run me poor
From my first trip to Texas with my camera.