the monster in the dark

Its been a busy week — and next week will be even busier.
I got a new job, which will help fund living and travelling back/forth to Denmark.
So its an exciting opportunity.
Though it may not be what i want to be doing, it’ll line my pockets while i try to get to where i’m going.
What a dragging summer its been though. Do you feel the same?
Its been productive and busy, but we’ve done almost nothing but work! Thats so sad. I remember when summers were for climbing trees, visiting family, performing in plays and eating lots of sweets.
Now its about making ends meet and getting the work done so you can eat.
Ultimately It feels as if summer has gone on for too long this year.
Finally the evenings are getting darker faster and there’s the old Autumn chill in the air. I miss wearing sweaters, knitted socks and long johns. Whilst the snow is an inconvenience — i miss that too. Its amazing to write while the snow is falling outside.
And i’m definitely dreaming of Autumn and Winter.
I’m also dreaming of Christmas in Denmark this year, but only time will tell.
Happy Sunday and have a great week next week everyone! 🙂

bury my heart between these pages and never let me go

I finally finished Bury My heart at Wounded Knee with my trusty companion by my side, and oh my heart. My poor heart.
Its been on my list for years so i’m happy i got around to reading it, but my goodness the cruelty is insane. Its incredibly well written but its a very hard book for the soul to bare, but all the more reason to give it a go. Sometimes, though life challenges us everyday and we don’t feel that the sun will come out, we must go forward. Ever forward.
Just as we must remember those terrible horrible truths and histories committed, so we do not repeat them. Im grateful for the sanctuary that is found amongst my books, for between those pages i can breathe and hide safely.