history groups

One of life’s wonders is the ability to marvel in the past and see the world as it once was — the past should be studied lest we’re doomed to repeat it. Someone in history said that. For me i spend approximately¬†75% of my day living in the past whether its reading about strategic naval manoeuvres or figuring out which pictures of Billy The Kid are authentic; i don’t care, its the most interesting past time next to naps on the sofa or climbing a mountain.
So below i have create gateways to my world of historical fancies —- History groups to be exact.
On the left you will find a page about the Age Of Sail, tall ships, Lord Nelson and pirates (that page is linked to a discussion group for those who find themselves so inclined). And to your right is a group for Old West Enthusiasts and cowpokes. Anything cowboy, Western based or American 1800’s is only a click away for ya’ ! I implore you to “have at it” and enjoy my little place of history on the internet.

The Old West, Gunslingers And Bumble Bee Whiskey History Group
Age Of Sail History Group