My name is Bella and i’m a child of the road.
I was born in Denmark many moons ago under the morning sun; to a perfect mother with golden hair and freckles.
From a very early age i became an expat and moved to England — where i grew up. I’d always been sure i’d move back to Denmark the minute i finished school/college because i dreamt about it every day. When the teachers would talk about the geographical significance of volcanoes i’d be staring into the wind, dreaming my life away. Fate had other plans for me and i knew it even then.
When i turned 19 i escaped yet another shitty relationship and high tailed it to Texas, where the ponies are smart and the saloon doors swing. To the lone star state where the Alamo lives and the birth place of Lonesome Dove.
I believe my life is a book with old linen pages that need to be filled, and maybe one i will reach my last page where i’m sitting in a rocking chair, on a porch, thinking of the many places i’ve seen, the people i’ve greeted and the earths wonders that graced me.
Until then, i will forever try to find whatever it is i’m looking for.
I don’t know whether my life will take me back to Denmark or back to Texas, but i’m enjoying the road to finding out, even though it has its many bumps and road blocks.

I’m a story-teller, photographer, thespian, pirate and farmhand.