My name is Izabella.
And i’m a real life calamity jane/pippi longstocking type of girl.
Yes, those two absolutely do mix.
I’m from Denmark but when i turned 19 i high tailed it to Texas, where the ponies are smart and the saloon doors swing. To the lone star state where the Alamo lives and the birth place of Lonesome Dove.
I believe my life is a book with old linen pages that need to be filled, and maybe one i will reach my last page where i’m sitting in a rocking chair, on a porch, thinking of the many places i’ve seen, the people i’ve loved and the earths wonders that graced me; as i’m watching my cattle graze and my horses play.
Until that day comes — i’m just living.

And thats why you’re here.
To watch me and see what i get up to.