pigeon Sandford

Well. We have a snow day in Wyoming today and with any luck tomorrow too. A winter storm warning has been hovering over our heads and I was quite glad of it, because I finally got some time to make a video and blog.

Sandford flew into our house. Jack took out the trash to the bins and found him cuddled into a nest of leaves groaning over a broken leg. When we approached him he attempted to flee and run but to no avail. Jack gathered him up and placed him into a box and we drove to a vet. Of course it happened on a Saturday when we were going out for the day. Anyway. Unfortunately the vet refused to help us because the bird was wild and didn’t have a name and wildlife centers are closed on the weekends. Seriously. No shit. So I took over and I put a splint on his leg, because I wasn’t about to call the police to come and get rid of it. He stayed with us for two weeks until one day, as you saw in the video, he had the life back in his legs and I let him go. And away he flew — still passing our window in the morning and resting on the telephone lines near the back yard.

Letting him go was somehow a form of therapy after Basil. I’ve been guilt stricken that I couldn’t help him or fix him and had to let him go, but seeing Sandford fly away gave me a little peace back.

I’d also like to apologize for the giving you the vision of my long johns, but you’re welcome.

what i do when i disappear

Its been a few days since i wrote on the blog. I haven’t been particularly busy but i occasionally enjoy turning off from social media and emails. Actually i enjoy it quite a lot. I refuse to depend on technology, having it rule every inch. No sir, i wont be a part of that. The only real social platform i like through and through is blogging — i really enjoy reading about others and the parts of their lives they decide to share. Do you have a favourite blog? Let me know in the comments!

Anyway, this is what i did when i was off the grid.

jack rabbit tracks in the snow

I wore my favourite wellington boots in the snow and stood in the sunshine, living it up to the max.

this is the sweater i’m currently working on, it’s a Danish variation of the Norwegian traditional sweater with closure clasps.

I knitted for hours and hours and hours and hours etc.

pink lemonade infused water with a whole grain cheese and bell pepper thin.

I had quiet lunches watching Danish tv, specifically a show called “Doggystyle” which is pretty damn good.

beginnings and hope and onwards.

I followed the sunshine as it swung from East to West.

light snow flakes and ready for a saturday evening run

I went for a run in the snowy evening.

the same shade of red as the danish flag <3

I appreciated a fence, because paint-faded anything is worth a second look. Couldn’t you just image a bunch of nutty kids running past this fence on their way to a scary-ass adventure that turns into the next best seller? I would be the redhead kid that was stronger than an ox and twice as ornery.

We took a drive through Albany county to see the sleepy mountains under their blankets of snow and clouds.

And thats what i did.
I dreamt about writing and ghost stories and where the birds go at night. Tomorrow it’s back to work, but this week is a three day week and that means two extra days of utter bewildering freedom of no bras or tied up hair. No unflattering trousers or button up shirts. Thats the life. What do you do when you go off the grid?

Have a great week, sugar.
Be free and find happiness in a candle light.
It all counts.

noget helt speciel

Det var ikke meningen at jeg vil skrive i aften men jeg ville dele den skønne aften med jer. Wyoming er en af de smukkeste stater i USA når solen falder fra skyerne. After Texas Ofcourse. Der er noget helt speciel ved den Vilde Vest. Det skal siges. Jeg bliver altid mindet om min morfar når jeg ser disse smukke Western scener. Morfar er grunden til at jeg blev forelsket i John Wayne og gamle westerns på TCM da jeg var bette.
Jeg håber jeg kan fange solnedgangen med mit store kamera en dag. Det kommer nok.

Og jeg fik i øverigt også mit kørekort med posten i dag!

himlen over Wyoming
god aften medicine bow

som et forbrændt gud ude i baghaven

Det er allerede søndag aften og jeg er slet ikke klar til at gå på arbejde imorgen tidligt. Jeg har lyst til at blive hjemme og lave alt andet. Næste uge (uge 48) er det Thanksgiving — det vil sige at vi får 4 fri dage og det bliver super, men ellers er Thanksgiving ikke rigtig noget jeg går op i. Weekenden har været stille og roligt. Vi tog en tur til Wally world (Walmart) for at købe en ny ApplyTV. Det viste sig at vi kan se DR på den og der er desuden også dansk radio. Det hjælper lidt på hjemveen. Nu kan jeg lade som om Danmark er lige uden for fordøren selvom det er circa 5000miles/8046km væk.

Her til aften sidder jeg og strikker julegaver til nogen native american børn i South Dakota imens vi ser Miami vice. Olielamperene er tændt.  Jeg er også midt i et projekt som er  jule-gave til migselv fordi det er alt for sjælen at jeg laver noget til mig. Jeg har kun en sweater og nogen handsker. Resten bliver givet væk eller solgt.

Desværre er det ikke tit jeg skriver dansk på bloggen. Hvis jeg skal være ærligt er det fordi jeg føler mig  intimideret. Det er svært for mig at erkende at jeg ikke er god til mit eget sprog… især når jeg er så god til Engelsk. Det har altid irriteret mig men det er åbenbart sådan det skal være. I må tilgive mig mine fejl.

a quiet thought of homesickness

søndags vasketøj
mit lille arbejdshjørne hvor jeg skriver, redigere mine film og billeder.
min fredspibe og medicine pouch fra New England.
vinter er på vej
det smukke træ der står som et forbrændt gud ude i baghaven
et naturlig portræt


a day in the life of a lowly semi-published writer

It’s Friday, almost the best day of the week for me because my give-a-shit is nil and it’s almost Saturday. Today I wanted to show you what a regular day in my life looks like.

I woke up at dick o’clock this morning unable to breathe due to the air is awful dry here. I got ready, packed my work bag and before leaving I checked on the bird in my wash room; to make sure he was warm enough and had something to eat/drink while I’m gone.

And so into the frosty air we ventured to the bus stop and waited the 5 minutes it takes to arrive. The buses here are incredible. They come to the end of our road every 5 to 6 minutes until 6.30pm at night. As you can imagine this is very convenient as we barely use the car at all and can keep it in the garage when the weather is bad. Jack and I walk to work together, Jack walks me to my office because that’s love and when I reach my desk I’m usually 30 minutes early. I hate getting to work so early but it’s the best way to avoid an over cramped bus with too many students that all smell of body odor and mistakes.
Besides it gives me time to get into the mindset of being surrounded by people all day.

Throughout the day I do my job, which is what it is. My job helps pay to fund our habits of travel, swords, cameras and never ending balls of yarn – – until one day my books take the stand and see me paid for for the rest of my probably short life. Then I can have a sommerhus in Denmark and be surrounded by home when ancestral air whenever I like, and fly back to Wyoming or Texas; wherever my horses may be. Who knows, I may wish to return home for good one day. Denmark is very different these days though however.

When there is down time at work that is when I force myself to write, and some days it truly is a battle.
I’m lucky in that I can always produce good content when it comes to writing, but for me it is about find the adequate content for the right project. Anyway, I’ll put on my inspirational music which brings down my heart rate so I can relax into my story, and I can sit and type for hours and forget the day. That is the happiest and most pleasant part of my work day. I tested my heartrate theory the last few days in fact because I’m odd like that but with the way my heart has been in the past it’s not a bad idea to keep a close eye on it. My heart rate is at the same rate when I’m sleeping as it is when I’m writing, whereas the moment someone speaks to me or asked me to do something its rockets up to 78. That to me is proof that my body craves words like sex and air, and that I should probably go to the doctor but I’m not paying for that shit. If I do not write I become sick in the mind. Going to work I see as a way to force and teach myself into a routine where I can bring writing to fruition on a consistent basis. If only I could do the same with reading but if my bosses see me with a book in my hand that might be over kill. I do try to read a little before I sleep, you cannot write if you do not read. Then you are doing half the work and hoping for the best.

And that is where I am sitting right now. At work writing to you because today is a day where my novel and I are finding it hard to figure each other out. I find myself counting the minutes to lunch time every day because I do intermittent fasting where I don’t begin to eat until noon and then I stop eating at 8pm. At higher altitude that is a pretty hard habit to get into but I’m slowly making progress. I’ve made myself a special lunch today of fruit, home-made rye bread, dried cherry + spinach + kale salad with a dark chocolate oat drink. I made Jacks lunch for him last night and that was when the incident with blasted unboil-able rice occurred and no I’m not ready to talk about it. My heart rate immediately went to a solid 75 just mentioning it. 😉

So when I have finished here I shall go get my lunch and watch YouTube videos during my break. Proceed with whatever writing that I can until its home time. When that jubilant moment comes forth I shall find Jack, get on the bus and ride home to my domicile with pride and freedom in my heart.  Supposedly we are making a trip to Walmart for a new apple TV and then coming home where I will cook a Danish Meal called “millionbøf,” with scallions and vegetable spaghetti and bison meat.
Wow. Could that be anymore westernized than that? Bison meat instead of lovely Danish cows. I might even allow myself a dr.pepper (i did).  The space heater that looks like a cackle-oven will be lit and that’s when I’ll post this.

I’ve also planned my first real video since we’ve moved here, but when I have time to film it will be the question. I’ve been trying to discover the best settings in premier pro for exporting videos and the best camera settings but I’m not quite there yet. When I watch back my YouTube videos (rare) I notice that it looks compressed/sharpness has gone to balls and no matter what I do seems to fix the issue. I expect its many factors but its pisses me off. Its also a large part of the reason I don’t post as many videos as I’d like.

I wish you a good night and i hope you enjoyed a more in depth view of my life.
More to follow i’m sure. How did you spend your Friday today?