a sunday drive

I’m still alive — i’m trying to start living on my blog. I’ve noticed how much i enjoy it more and more because it pulls me away from the other social medias that force you into being a certain way. I’ve never been good at keeping diaries, after the first two passages i pretty much give up the ghost and stop. But blogging — i’m really starting to find it quite therapeutic and good for my soul. Also, i think it’ll be wonderful too look back on my adventures one day after i’ve stopped travelling around.
Yesterday we took a drive through the Kancamagus highway and over to Indian head Mountain, which i think is probably my favourite place in New Hampshire honestly. Sadly all the small paths and side roads were completely blocked off due to packed snow, so i didn’t get near as many pictures as i’d hoped. However we did get to have a beautiful snowy drive through the white mountains and i came home with an American Indian made pipe. I don’t have any pictures of it right now, but i will post some as soon as i get some! Here are a few of the pictures i did get. Happy Monday!

The Mountain range begins.
A blur of sunbathing moo-cows that i wanted to take home with me. Such a beautiful day.
In the heart of the Kancamagus Highway.
A Texas boy in the snow.
Indian Head Mountain, my favourite place in the north, when the sun kisses it and night rolls in. Its such a magical place but its a huge shame its surrounding by resorts and so many people. I always try to take pictures without the surrounded cars, houses and apartment buildings. So i can see the world how it should have been. All nature and spirit without the bullshit pollution.

slow thursdays

Hello everyone!
Its been a slow Thursday but somehow i’ve managed to be really productive. I went to the gym almost as soon as i woke up something that usually takes me a few hours to get up and do. I also managed to get the maintenance men to come and check out our washing machine which has turned into the spawn of satan. Other than that i’ve I’ve been knitting and making danish pancakes. Because i’ve had a hankering for them for weeks now. They’re so easy to make and they’re so tasty. Sadly i ruined the first 6 because the pan was being annoying, however — the end result with vanilla ice cream was on pointe. Craving well and truly fed.

I got a package from denmark full of danish sweets and yarn!!! <3 This made me so stupidly happy.
im really excited about this pattern — this jumper might end up on my etsy, but it depends on how much i fall in love with it. Haha!
moss socks in alpaca wool.
im using some vanilla sugar i made during christmas time from the vanilla beans i needed for risalamande. I now how an unhealthy relationship with vanilla sugar.


I’m working from home today, and its so nice to take a break and just sit on my balcony. I feel like a duck shaking water off my back when i get a breath of fresh air. The view isn’t great, but its interesting to watch everyone rushing around to meet deadlines and make appointments — while i’m just wrapped up in my saddle blanket watching the snow melt, trying to catch the first bird call of the season. I wonder which birds will come back from the south first and what they’ve been doing all these cold months. My life has always seemed to be slow burning, when i was younger i was terribly impatient to get “started” … however as i get older i realise that slow burning is not a bad thing. Its a gift i didn’t realise i had.
But’cha live n’ learn.

hide paintings

Good evening everyone — i was in the mood to blog this evening, so i’m just writing a short post.
I’ve started playing around with hide paintings inspired by my viking ancestors and american indians. It’s something i’ve always been interested in and i finally got around to trying it. Something i will definitely continue with. I love cave paintings, petroglyphs and pictographs — so i’d like to try to write small stories this way.
Here is my first attempt. A “buffalo” and viking runes.
Did you know that Denmark has a bison herd?