post come a’knocking

I just received this through the post today! I’ve been waiting for around a week and it came a few days early which was a nice surprise. I wasn’t all that excited about it until i saw how good it looked when it arrived. Its obviously all my photography and the book itself was designed by me.
So i’ve spent my self-designated lunch break today flipping through this short show of my photographic livelihood, drinking sun-brewed black cherry tea and listening to Basil snoring away. Now i feel inspired to keep going. Keep creating. Envisioning the world as i do whether its in colour or black and white. Its really given me a boost.
Recently i’ve been really into my writing which means i’ve yet again been neglecting my blog here, but when the writers block releases its clutches and you can carry on living through your works — you damn well take the bull by the balls and you live/write. I obliged.
Believe me when i say that if you don’t hear from me — thats usually a good thing.

rest in pieces and run me poor

Recently i’ve been incredibly frustrated. My camera is ready to kick the bucket, to be no more — to be deceased. At this point its like flogging a dead horse whenever i use it. I can’t believe its doing this to me after everything we’ve been through, and currently with all my travel plans right around the corner i definitely don’t have the funds for a replacement. Mind you, i’ve been trudging through life with the camera for so many years now. From sailing and working on a tall ship in merry old England; driving through oil country in Texas and chasing dreams in the Scandinavian forests i knew our time one day would come, but i thought i’d be prepared.
We’ve been through everything. I remember i spent an entire months wages to buy this camera. Not thinking about whether i could afford food, toilet paper or bus fare. Toilet paper be damned. I’ll wipe my ass on the grass if it comes down to it but i’ll have that camera if it runs me poor!

It ran me poor but i never looked back. My camera and i have had a love hate relationship for years. I could buy another lens — sure i could, but it wouldn’t be enough. Its almost done. I’ve never been entirely tech-savy due to my infernal laziness when it comes to reading any kind of manual and/or instructions. Yes. I am one of those fantastically dim-whitted people who stubbornly struggle through assembling things only to swear like a holy terror because i can’t make it do what i want — when i have perfectly good instructions to make my life easier.

However, here’s to the camera that has followed me from place to place for years and years.
May we enjoy our last few adventures together.

run me poor
From my first trip to Texas with my camera.

flying machines

We fly out at 20:24 (thats 8.24pm to some of you). Bit of a ridiculous time but hopefully the airport will be quiet at that point — Boston Airport is usually surprisingly deserted.
I’m already exhausted and ready to be back in my own bed. My mind always gets clouded trying to remember every little thing that needs to be taken care of. I should write lists. My mother tells me to write lists and i think a part of me doesn’t just to be a little bit rebellious. Also, did i mention i’m lazy as a sack of spuds? I really should write lists though, i know it would make travelling so much easier, but knowing me i’ll lose the list that i wrote telling me to remember to write a list before i go.

You see? Adulting is tough, kids. I don’t recommend it.

I will say I’m excited to show Jack more of my Danish life and my home town; visit some forests, castles and pubs.
Im proud to be Scandinavian. So i’m really happy to bring him into that culture. Besides, he’s been trying to learn Danish and i cant wait for him to use the inappropriate words i’ve taught him in front of my grandparents.
Its amazing to witness someone learning a language when you’re fluent in the language they’re learning and the language they speak.

But everything is packed and ready to go. All there is to do is get tickets, and get the bus to the airport. And the adventure begins!