my sweater

I wanted to share some pictures of the sweater i recently finished. I’m so pleased with it.  The colours and pattern are perfect. It wasn’t easy just because it could become quite tedious and it sucked when you messed up a single stitch 10 rows ago, but it was very much worth it. It’s made from alpaca wool which means its ridiculously soft — one day when i can afford it i will make a sweater of bison wool. That will definitely warm my cockles out on the plains by the fireside.
This was part of my self-therapy.
This is my Basil Sweater.

I can’t get over how LONG my hair is now.

This pendant is the Native sign for “raven,” my spirit animal.
They follow me wherever i go — and i always see two, Huginn & Muninn.
Guess they’re watching over me to bring news back to the big guy with one eye.

Jack gave me this necklace the first time i came to America and i haven’t been without it since. He has the other half which is the native sign for eagle. Together they make a heart.

jumpin’ jumpers and bamboo

I finally succeeded in knitting a jumper successfully !
Actually semi-successfully. Its wearable, warm and comfy, not to mention the absolute best colour yarn can be. However it does look like its been dragged through hell and back — but at least it has as much character as i do.
I’m proud.