the hardest thing on earth

“The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters”

The most beautiful truth — choosing what matters. We all had dreams when we were young, and even still nothing has or may ever become of them. I wanted to be a runner and i’m not talking for want of a gold medal or world renown fame in the olympics. No. I’m talking Forest Gump running. My little heart wanted to race as far as my even smaller legs could take me. It didn’t matter where or how: Its just what i wanted. To this day i’m a great runner but due to snapping ankles that dream can never truly “be.” You know what? Thats just fine. That doesn’t mean the dream is gone but Its life. Now I have created a life that has taken me to places i thought i’d never reach, never could dream of or ever dared to think i’d go to. I don’t aspire for a certain career or job. I try to spend every day doing something i enjoy. I work jobs that i dreamed of having as a child. Sometimes i pick up horse shit — its worth every minute as i get lots of cuddles, become more understanding and have horse snot all over me on a constant basis ( what a bonus!) Other days i write and write and write and write etc.. Sometimes i act, other times i’m a photographer. I’m very lucky and everyday i realise that a little more. I’m thankful for what i have and what i do.

This last year or so i’ve really starting pursuing things i want to do in life. A dream is to have a ranch of my own with a couple of horses, maybe sheep or goats and some form of feathery egg laying bird (no rooster because they don’t usually like me). If i’m feeling really crazy, i am, i’d love to have a big old honorary long horn. I’d love to have acres of land that i can ride out on, camp and live free. I’ve been working on farms as much as i can, getting to be around horses again and working on the ground work/care/riding . Meeting some lovely people with the same interest who i can learn from  + who are willing to show me the ropes. I used to be around horses a lot when i was younger but then i got busy with school, theatre, writing and then travelling — so i had to build that part of my life again. Its hard because i have to start over, but i’m glad im clever enough to want to learn it again.

Ultimately I choose life; and living it to the absolute full. I may never be the rider i want to be but i’ll happily spend my days trying to get there, putting in the hours, the money when i have it; at the end i can smile and say i gave it my damnedest. Finding the small things to be happy about in life is easy when you life for yourself. When you try to focus one what truly brings light into your life–thats when you’re rich.  I don’t live to work. I don’t live for social media. This blog is about as active as i get when it comes to computers. If you’ve seen my facebook/instagram you’ll see that its shocking how bad i am at keeping up with it. Truth be told i’d rather be outside. You know. Where we all should be.
I’ll keep drifting from place to place, from job to job and leaving a trace of highly entertained onlookers.

And that is the end of my semi margarita infused blog post.

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Shorty, a very large sweet boy, snoozing in the snow and loving the afternoon sun.
Mac and his icy whiskers
Ruby and i.
Na na na na naa!
My new BearPaw snow boots — incredible! (No, i havent been paid to say that, they really are good !)

“The earth is mostly just a boneyard. But pretty in the sunlight.”

a humdrum day

Just a humdrum day, in the drifters apartment today. Its raining outside and i’m just sitting down to some ikea food because thats about as close to Danish food as i can get here. Sadly. At least i HAVE that though otherwise i’d be weeping into my pillow every night in sorrow and loss.

a humdrum day
Oh and i have my new cactus, Abenaki,  for company — the third of my little group of pricks.


a witch house

A witch house, thats right. A witch house still stands in the heart of Salem, Mass. Ok thats not entirely that surprising. However, this house was actually inhabited till the late 1940’s — which is kinda baffling considering everything that happened there. It may just be me who is overly superstitious but just the thought of ghosty puritan goings on in my house would freak the hell outta me. So, it really does impress me that it was inhabited for so long after the witch hunts & hearings; the museum that it is now was incredible. Its a little piece of history locked into the heart of a growing city.

I wont lie and tell you Salem was everything i hoped for — its wasn’t. As the historically inclined & imaginative soul that i am i had imagined dirt roads, rotting gallows and and clinking ships bells. That wasn’t the case mind you it in parts it wasn’t too far off. The Friendship of Salem calls the Sail Loft, across from the customs house on the harbour, its home. I haven’t seen her in person with her masts and spars up but i’ve seen/touched the rest. So, all in all i’m satisfied and my heart bleeds, not because of the congenital heart defect i was born with but for all those poor lost souls who were mercilessly hung on pure superstition and whispers.

a witch house

last of the summer berries

 The last of the summer berries, i’m trying to train myself to like more fruits and vegetables. Damn, how i HATE the texture of berries. Im your typical ketchup sandwich kinda gal. I know i know — it sounds awful but it stems from leaving Denmark to live in England where the food never compared to what i was used to. Danish food is the best (as is Mexican). So yeah, goodbye summer and thanks for the encouragement to try new fruits.

last of the summer berries