last of the summer berries

 The last of the summer berries, i’m trying to train myself to like more fruits and vegetables. Damn, how i HATE the texture of berries. Im your typical ketchup sandwich kinda gal. I know i know — it sounds awful but it stems from leaving Denmark to live in England where the food never compared to what i was used to. Danish food is the best (as is Mexican). So yeah, goodbye summer and thanks for the encouragement to try new fruits.

last of the summer berries

influenza + tea n’ ikea

Well, its October, and i started the month with chest pains, sore throat and everything that follows. Its such a beautiful month — the trees are turning red and yellow; leaves are crumpling under foot. October is one of the most inspirational months there is, so i sure hope this flu is over soon so i can start enjoying the cooler months before the snow takes over. Anyway, seeing as im currently out of commission i’m spending my sick days knitting, creating an ikea wishlist and working from home when i feel up to it.

Livin’ dangerously.

Influenza, Tea, Ikea