books and tea by candlelight

I’m definitely a a snow baby — i was born in June but i’ve always preferred winter over summer, not that both don’t have their good and bad sides. Well its officially the first of December — the first advent has started and i enjoyed my day by sipping piping hot tea and flicking through and old book handed down to me called ” Dronningens Læge.” Its an old book with old newspaper cutouts from articles about the real story behind the book.  This little spine of pages smells like the magic of the forest and whisper of the wind, and i can’t wait till i have the time to sit down and really focus on the words and the story.
Its on my to read list and its pretty high up there so when i finish “Buffalo Girls” and “Vorherres rævefælde” this might be my next stop on the literary path. However its a matter of how i feel when i finish a book that determines my next step. If i have a book hang over — all betters are off and shit hits the fan. But for now i’ll pretend i’ll read it soon because its a warming thought.

Now, back to the candlelight and hot tea.
A goodnight, i bid thee!


a lousy technical artist

I’m a lousy technical artist, truly. Two out of five of my paintings are visually appealing. I break all the rules, whatever rules there are, when it comes to art. My paintings and sketches aren’t always good and sometimes my subjects are ugly. I can mix colours to get the right results but i’m not always satisfied with my pieces when i’m finished, but thats me in a nut shell. Im a perfectionist which is one of the reasons it takes a long time for products to go up on my etsy, for photographs to be printed — they have to be spot on or they’ll sit in a box/hard drive for the rest of my life.
I stopped drawing a few years ago — which was a shame because i’m actually pretty good at sketching but i’m not so skilled when it comes to the finer details (i’ve started really trying to improve this). However, i always loved painting even if my paintings never satisfied me so i’ve started experimenting again — how good it is for the spirit to do something for no one but yourself ! I highly recommend it.
Today i spent my day painting, sketching and drawing with ink my new favourite medium — indian ink. I was supposed to be working on my novel but i didn’t. Although i also finished a knitted sweater today so i have atleast been productive.
Practice makes perfect. I’m glad i’ve started revisiting old hobbies and interests because i’ve found it makes me a happier person but still a little bit of an asshole.

a lousy technical artist