what they don’t tell you about when you finish your first book

Its all fun and games and countless hours when you’re writing your book, but the business after is tough.
Reading your manuscript back is the worst pain i’ve felt since i got on this damn train ride. It has been the HARDEST part of the entire process. They don’t tell you how much you’ll regret every word, question yourself and wonder what the hell is wrong with your sensibilities.

Finding an agent is the devil, especially for western writers. Aka. Yours fucking truly.

Writing your first submission is more daunting than finding out you have the clap, im assuming as i’ve never had it but i presume its not all fun and candy. It makes you feel vulnerable and uneasy. I partly worry about my work being stolen because its happened a couple of times before and then went on to be published, with me losing out. I felt depleted and heart broken.

picking up your manuscript sucks. You dont want to look at it, think about it or even acknowledge you created the filth in the pages. Apparently this is very common, but holy terror and erebus, this is awful. I’ve been trying to read through and i can only manage a little more than a chapter at a time. All that work and now i want nothing to do with it. My mind keeps trying to get me to abort this operation and start a new story, but what good is a new story with the first on a burner.