new vlog coming soon

Happy glorious Saturday to you. My day started off like a regular Saturday… i got up and made breakfast, then watched the World According to Jeff Goldblum. However, i also finally managed to film a short vlog! I’m so glad i finally would a little time and some energy to start it up again. With any luck i’ll be posting a new vlog this week!

Stay tuned!

exciting news

Good evening lovely readers!
Today is a special day and I have exciting news to share with you!!
I have officially signed up for my class at the university, and it starts at the end of January. I’ll be taking Beginners Indigenous language. Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to study an Indigenous language and now it’s another thing off my bucket list; something I didn’t think I’d ever get to do.

leather boots under a table

The process of becoming a student at the university was a shitpit of cock ups, and I will probably not do it again any time soon. I was incredibly frustrated with how poorly it was run and how little information I was provided with. At one point I threw in the towel and said fuck it. I won’t study anything while I’m here because it was such an upwards battle just to become a student. Jack had to pick me up from the floor, as he so often does with a broken wife, but finally it seems everything has worked out.

pen and paper

Today I registered for the class. I hope the young child in me appreciates the endless dreams I bring to fruition for her. It’s led me on a lost path somewhere to the west of everyone else, but her little dreams are coming true. I might not be able to make her a truly happy soul but I can give her a life that she can tell stories about and smile, even if it is for but a fleeting moment. I’ll give her whatever I have and none of it could be done without Jack backing me.

sun flares
shoes deep in snow
sun through the tree tops
gnarled tree

There’s nothing in this world I can’t do, at least i feel that way sometimes, and I can be proud that I picked others up along the way. And I am. Never in my life have I stood on a broken back or laughed at the face of paucity. The only person I have ever hindered has been myself, but I’m working on that. When I was little my mother would braid my hair and send me out into a world where everyone but me spoke English. I was terrified. However when I stepped out of our house looking like Pippi Longstocking, feeling like there was nothing I couldn’t do…nothing could break me. Now I speak better English than the men round the Queens table.
I hold on to this memory with everything I have. I’m still that little kid with long red pigtails, big front teeth and i was strong enough to carry a horse. I glide through life making people laugh, struggling and dreaming and remembering and hating the nostalgia. And going on poetic rants on blog posts…apparently.

young girl who looks like pippi longstocking

It’ll be strange to be a student once more. Not that I suppose I ever stopped being a student – we’re all children of the world after all and we should never stop learning. 95% learning can’t be done in a class room which is why instead of following everyone else to university… I went to the coast and sailed with my best friend. Then I flew to America. And you know the basics.

night sky looming in
Sundown and star

This evening my heart can rest. Today I did something for me that I have wanted and wished for. Something to help me onwards on the path I’ve taken.

Well, it’s īsibī-ta-nī-ni, time for lying down.
And I wish you a good night and happy dreaming.


Its a quiet Thursday evening with the space heater on full. Waiting on the weekend like most folk do. This evening i had a fight with a pot of rice that wouldn’t boil at any heat due to our altitude, blasted piece of horse shit. Our oil lamps are lighted and warming our night though however, so all is not lost. At the moment i’m trying to knit all my current projects before Christmas and sadly i’m not a very fast knitter, at this point im flogginga dead horse but i refuse let it beat me.  The project i want to work on is put on hold for the one i should be working on. Lately I’ve started playing bass and piano again which is clearing out all the gunk thats been hiding in the corners of my mind. People have told me often to pick one thing and focus on that, but i don’t understand how i’m supposed to do such a thing. Having tried a few times i’ve found that more impossible than simply juggling all my interests on my shoulders. Today at work i had another great day of writing, a full 7 hours i believe i managed to write. Slowly but surely the story is completing itself, a myth i had heard tell of but until lately never experienced. At this point it doesn’t feel like the story needs me for much longer and that i am simply a pawn while it takes over.

Have a good night.