I’ve been awake since 3.46am this morning and i’m stuck watching middle-aged housewives bitch eachother out on tv. Clearly being rich kept women isnt all its cracked up to be. Around 10am my brother, Jack and i are going to have breakfast at mormor and morfars house which is always a good way to start the day.


I’ve been having trouble sleeping, something very familiar to me for many reasons, but instead staring aimlessly at the ceiling counting political sheep i venture outside to watch Denmark wake up. Yesterday morning was Christmas morning and i watched the sunrise by myself whilst my camera filmed a timelapse. I scurried around the grounds filming birds flying over the fields and resting in the pine tops. I keep hoping ill see the deer my mother keeps talking about but no luck as of yet.

Last night we celebrated Christmas with my farmor, she makes the best risalamande any side of any place. It was nice to be just 5 of us. Franck, Steph, Jack, Farmor and myself. Laid back, easy and hyggeligt. You don’t need more than that.

It was a lovely Jul with a lot of laughter, story telling and word repetition cause im deaf as a bloodhound with a deficet.

I was falling asleep in the chair by the end of the night, as i am always prone to do, like some father with too happy family. So when we came back to the hotel room we’re sharing i passed out… got 5 hours sleep and here i am. Counting the damn minutes to the menfolk wakes up from their infernal snores.

Im not sure what our day will bring today, but i hope its a simple one. We all talked about visiting town even though everything is closed, but mostly to see familiar places and enjoy the calmness of the morning after Christmas.
Im really glad i set up to blog from my phone — it makes it a lot more convienient when im on the road.. which i am a lot. I found an app to resize my pictures too. Dont get me wrong i prefer posting DSLR pics but its nice to go back to plain basics now and again.

Glædelig jul og godt nytår!

And a happy christmas to those of you who are celebrating today.

sleeping cats

Tomorrow is the first day i’ll be celebrating Christmas. Mormor and morfar are driving over from Kolding; and my brothers will arrive this evening from England. One or two others will be joining us too. We’ll be 13 in total.

It’ll be nice to be all together again for a little while, its beens years. Though im not sure im too happy about sharing the attention from my cats. Haha.

Sleeping cat

I dont particularly enjoy gatherings or parties, it stresses me because of all the noise and people but thats how i’ve always been. Everyone else in my family enjoy those types of things, but im sure you can imagine im a bit of a black sheep and dislike most things regular people like.

This morning i woke up at around 5.00am and went into the dark morning. I’d noticed the moon and the stars through the window, unable to risk the chance at a picture i got up. I’d tried to talk myself out of it because the bed was nice and warm, but im trying to get up and get out when my mind thinks its worth it. And the view itself made me feel home again. Grounding me there i the black abyss while the cold set in.

And i sat out there for an hour. Taking pictures and listening to the roosters sizing their balls in the distance. At first i thought i heard wolves on the prowl but that was brief and very far away.

The sky was stunning and clear, i think i got a shot or two within that hour but without a tripod it was one hell of a task. It was odd lighting too with mist rolling in from the West, i couldnt quite get my settings right. That often aggrevates me but atleast i went out and tried.

time or energy

It’s been a little chaotic here lately and as a result i haven’t found the time or energy to write. Denmark is close approaching and i’m excited to be home, im sure you can imagine. Home has been long gone to me for about a year and a half or more. I can’t wait to eat food that i adore, to walk the familiar cobbled streets and walk through thick forests with moss beds as soft as a kings belly. Not many days go by when my brain doesn’t wander home to the Jylland Peninsula and think “what if?”

I love Wyoming and i love Texas, i don’t think Denmark will be where i settle any time soon. Having said that this next holiday will be a good test to see how well we’d like it. Considering we don’t have Basil to come home to we can be gone a little longer, but i’d rather have him and have a short holiday, but life is as life does.

cowgirl in a snowstorm
beaver hat made in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The other day Jack and i took a stroll in a snow fall out on the edge of town. I found my new favourite place to take pictures. If my camera hadn’t died i would’ve taken so many more than i did. The light from the ground and the deep red rocks peeping through at the angles that snow can’t settle — it was stunning. The picture above shows how hard the weather here is one my skin. My skin looks torn and strained; from only being out for around 10 minutes when before it was smooth as could be. Prairie winds are brutal and merciless but strangely comforting nonetheless. You can see how raw my lips look too. I really enjoy portraiture — especially the honest kind. I don’t always want to look pretty — but real. No matter the lines or pain you can see. Lauren Bacall once said that your whole life shows in your face and that you should be proud of it. Thats something i try to remember when i look at all these stereotypically cute portrait people have spent hours over editing. I wont do it. Maybe once or twice but mostly not. I love the honesty behind how some of us look and i think the west has grown on my face like a boil. In the summer i’m stunted in freckles and burns, in the winter? My skin has become frozen to my glasses i can’t feel anything because its so cold.

My spirit flies out on the open prairies of the great American West — whether its hot or weather its the apocalypse. Alone out here i can hear the chanting on the wind and the memories of blood shed and fear crying out to be remembered. Somewhere Calamity is swearing in my ear about some son of a bitch that took her whiskey and Bill Cody is considering me for a comedy act on the back of a mule called Two Foot. And deep out in the abyss of snow and sleet is that spirit horse Bowleg, waiting for me to run with him.

I think i’d better get some rest. I’m awfully tired, i don’t feel like i’ve really even had a weekend!
Be gracious to you fellow man, he’s troubled.

klokken lort om natten

Klokken er lidt over lort om natten i USA og  som sædvanligt kan jeg ikke sove. Jeg fik pludseligt lyst til at skrive et dansk indlæg på bloggen — det er sku sjældent. Nu når Jack øver sig i at lære dansk bliver jeg mere og mere inspireret i at forbedre mit eget sprog. Han har simpelthen sat det op sådan at vi kan se dansk tv og radio programmer herovre circa 6500km væk — et jule mirakel if ever there was one. Det er så dejligt at kunne følge med i en julekalender imens man tæller op til jul, noget så simpelt varmer hjertet. Så kan jeg lade som om Danmark er lige ude for vinduet og mormor bor lige om hjørnet.

Når jeg læser det jeg skriver på dansk kan jeg godt mærke at jeg bliver enormt irriteret. På engelsk er jeg forfatter men på dansk kan jeg ikke huske de ord der ligger så tydeligt for mig på engelsk. Det er simpelthen så træls at indrømme at på dansk er min intelligens nok ikke ældre end 5 år gammel. Men pyt med det. Fordi det er jul og idag skal vi spise and og risalamande. Så så galt er det sku heller ikke.

I ønskes en rigtig glædelig jul og godt nyår herfra.