pigeon Sandford

Well. We have a snow day in Wyoming today and with any luck tomorrow too. A winter storm warning has been hovering over our heads and I was quite glad of it, because I finally got some time to make a video and blog.

Sandford flew into our house. Jack took out the trash to the bins and found him cuddled into a nest of leaves groaning over a broken leg. When we approached him he attempted to flee and run but to no avail. Jack gathered him up and placed him into a box and we drove to a vet. Of course it happened on a Saturday when we were going out for the day. Anyway. Unfortunately the vet refused to help us because the bird was wild and didn’t have a name and wildlife centers are closed on the weekends. Seriously. No shit. So I took over and I put a splint on his leg, because I wasn’t about to call the police to come and get rid of it. He stayed with us for two weeks until one day, as you saw in the video, he had the life back in his legs and I let him go. And away he flew — still passing our window in the morning and resting on the telephone lines near the back yard.

Letting him go was somehow a form of therapy after Basil. I’ve been guilt stricken that I couldn’t help him or fix him and had to let him go, but seeing Sandford fly away gave me a little peace back.

I’d also like to apologize for the giving you the vision of my long johns, but you’re welcome.