what i’m currently reading #1

This edition is a vintage library book that was last read in 1995, well thats the last time the ticket inside was stamped. I obviously bought this second hand some place for almost no money. Its a great thing to have even if this story isn’t one of his best.

Hand holding a vintage library book by Larry McMurtry called "Some Can Whistle." A western novel
What are you reading?

2 thoughts on “what i’m currently reading #1

  1. Hej Bella,

    I currently read a lot in the pictures of the dearest people I have ever met. Really met? Unfortunately not. Will I ever meet them? I dont know. Yes, I know, it´s in every´s own hands. At least I hear that often. … But, is this really true? What I do know is that closeness can hurt. I feel it every day. And I know that the lack of closeness of people you love and who are far away hurts much more. And once life becomes a single permanent pain, it no longer goes away on its own, but must probably be treated. … I hate doctors! They always think they are gods. Most of the time they don’t know how difficult it is to be just a human. … Maybe pictures cannot heal. But they help to forget the pain for a while. Even if they are not always beautiful to look at, they give you the knowledge that it is not life that hurts, but fear of it. And that comes from yourself.

    Maybe there is really a beginning in every end. And maybe life doesn’t start with rocket science, but with a short vacation. But even that needs to be learned by some.

    When I’m not looking at pictures, I’m reading Emily Dickinson right now. Maybe you know her. Try to search on the Internet e.g. for “You´ve seen balloons set – haven´t you?” or “Out of sight? What of that? “. Actually I don’t really admire Emily at all. But somehow I guess that I understand her. I do not know why. But what do I know.

    I don’t know the book you mentioned above yet. But the content description that I found on the internet sounds interesting.

    Even if this blog will probably not exist forever. I am grateful for every second.

    I wish you a nice Sunday and a nice week.

    1. I love your comment Hans! Emily Dickinson i certainly know. I’ve read her work and enjoyed some of it. Perhaps not all though. Im glad to hear that you are reading — thats rare! 🙂

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